About Us

Denver Concepts is a growing startup based in Denver, Colorado. We were founded by entrepreneur, Michele Metzger, whose vision was to be a powerful ally to big businesses seeking to provide the personal touch of a small one.

We help our clients increase revenue by improving and enhancing their sales processes. We implement proven systems and streamline reporting. We strengthen customer relations. And not only do we create a plan of action, but we execute it.

Our clients are large service-based companies in the technology sector. They value our customer-driven approach and our ability to provide consistent results — all while delivering an unbeatable return on investment.

A Winning Concept

We recognize that acquiring and retaining great customers is about strong communication and delivering real value. Brand loyalty is not developed with the flash of an advertisement, and bonds are not built overnight. Connections aren’t made without effort. Relationships are about investing time and energy and showing that you care.

Denver Concepts will provide individual attention to each business owner in your target market. We will help your big business turn your small- and mid-sized business customers into lifelong fans.

Customization is key. Our versatile business consulting and sales services are customizable to any service-based corporation — and in any market. There’s a reason that you won’t find cookie cutter bundles on our website, and that reason is that we will cater to your business’s specific needs. It’s time to seize the competitive advantage that comes with our face-to-face approach to business consulting. Our proven solutions are dynamic, adaptable, and responsive — and best of all, they create tangible and lasting results.

Not Your Average Team

Built upon a foundation of unshakable values, Denver Concepts is an unstoppable team. We believe in unwavering integrity. We know that no matter what, honesty and transparency are always the answer. We believe in supporting each other. We strive to help others, rather than just look out for ourselves. We are hungry for success and willing to work for it. When we set goals, we do so with vigor and full intent to achieve them. We take our success seriously — and we have a great time while doing it. Passionate, energetic, close-knit, and ready for action, the Denver Concepts team is a sure bet.