You’re going to learn a lot working at Denver Concepts. Training and one-on-one coaching are incorporated into our weekly routines.


There’s a huge difference between a “job” and a career path. Embark on an a rewarding journey during which you’ll earn promotions for great performance.


Any worthwhile career requires hard work — but who says you can’t enjoy the ride to the top? We certainly do!

It takes a village.

We’re in this together. We wholeheartedly believe that the fastest and most rewarding way to get to our goals is to do so as a collaborative team. We push each other to be better and we’ve got each others backs.

Business 101

Our mission is to develop all of our team members into well-rounded business people. Why? Because our ultimate goal is to have a pipeline of managers capable of managing new markets.

Through extensive and ongoing leadership training, we ensure that our team members are ready to take on bigger and bigger roles within our organization. This is important to us because we’d much prefer to promote a hardworking employee than to hire an outside manager.

All of our new hires also learn sales, no matter their positions. While few members of the team are necessarily seeking career-long sales positions, we consider the capability of driving revenue to be a key part of comprehensive business training.

Whether you’re a recent graduate or a seasoned professional, you’ll receive hands-on training to ensure success in your role. You won’t believe how much you’ll learn and grow here — and how quickly.

“The future depends on what you do today.”


no favoritism

Everything at Denver Concepts is merit-based. We like to keep things simple: if you earn it, you’ll be rewarded. We believe that hard work should always pay off.


no seniority

Everyone at Denver Concepts is on an even playing field. We believe that results are more important than tenure.


no micromanagement

We trust our team members and want them to be able to think for themselves.


no cubicles

Our open floor-plan encourages interaction and collaboration. The energy in our office is tangible!


no 'dog eat dog'

We enjoy a supportive culture and believe in helping each other out. We do love ourselves some competition—but only for fun!


no groundhogs day

No two days at Denver Concepts are exactly the same. Sales and marketing is a dynamic business that keeps us on our toes.


no dead-end jobs

If you’re a top performer who takes pride in your work, you’ll move up quickly at Denver Concepts.

We’ve got our eye out for fresh new talent in Denver! If you’re internally motivated and have positive energy, we encourage you to reach out!

Email our HR Department at Info@DenverConcepts.com or call (720) 588-3513. Visit LinkedIn to read the answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

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